Appointment Scheduling software for Dental Clinics is an outstanding online

scheduling solution for medical businesses of all types.

We provide high-quality booking services for Dental Clinics all over the world and help them to grow and prosper. 
Our reputable and secure appointment system is designed to make bookings easy and comfortable for both our users and their clients!


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The appointment scheduling software is the perfect match for dentists who are running their dental practices and want their clients to be able to schedule their appointments online.

We already have dentists all over the world using our dental scheduling software with great satisfaction. When they are asked what are the greatest benefits of using our they always mention the fact that the automatic reminders have reduced their no-shows significantly as well as being able to allow patients to book online whether it is at 7 am in the morning or 11 pm at night... Their dental website is always open and ready to accept new appointments.  

We offers you:

  • Your own online booking web site where your patients can schedule appointments 24/7.
  • A thorough system with working hours, breaks and holidays for each dentist.
  • An online calendar dashboard to manage bookings and see appointments for all the dentists at the clinic.
  • An online calendar, where you can always access information to check on upcoming appointments and add or amend bookings.
  • Mobile booking app for iOS that stores bookings in case you are offline.
  • Automatic sms/email reminders to be sent to your clients before the appointment, which significantly reduces no-shows. The text of those messages can be adjusted and sent out when you decide.
  • Automatic sms/email reminders are sent to staff, so they will get notified before the patient appointments take place.

Other important features:

  • Book Soon Notifications — Let our dental appointment system help you to send your clients automatic notifications and to remind them to book again for check up. You can define when that reminder is sent out, whether it is after 1, 6 or 12 months since their last appointment.
  • Intake Forms Feature — Clients can add information, or answer questions before they book an appointment. Here they could for example make a remark if they are allergic to anesthesia. This information will be attached to that client going forward, which can help you to prepare before appointments.
  • Calendar Sync — If you already have your order booked in your calendar, don't worry, we can sync our online scheduling software with your calendar.
  • SOAP — With our SOAP custom feature you can easily keep track of your customers progress. SOAP stands for subjective, objective, assessment and plan and with this feature you can insert time stamped text records within each of the four fields which remains attached to the client´s data record.

Alla Rokun DDS, Brooklyn, NY 

My experience with Simply Scheduling software  has been outstanding. As a small but growing  General dentistry practice online scheduler has really helped streamline the appointment process.My patients love the fact that they can go to my site and find the time that fits their needs.

Menka Malhotra, DMD Bronx, NY

Fantastic! Getting clients to book in online saves me so much time! I used to have to to-and-fro via phone and email before finding a convenient date for clients, now I can use my time more efficiently. The reminder & review tool is fantastic too.r own fresh content. Moving this text widget is no problem. Simply drag and drop the widget to your area of choice. Use this space to highlight a raving review from a client.

Larisa Ilyutovich, DDS      Fort Lee, NJ

Excellent service for booking appointments. I have two dental practice  locations one  In Brooklyn NY and second in  Fort Lee NJ. Software gave me full  control both of my offices. My patients  have more flexibility and we save time. I especially like the way confirmations and reminders can be sent by text message. We've integrated the booking process into our website, which promotes our branding.The costs are reasonable for booking. Much better than Zocdoc overpriced product . Happy that found dental scheduling software.

Diana Zardouz, DDS, Huntington Beach, CA

I think it's wonderful. Since we just started using it, we are still waiting for our clients to fully discover it. However, our service providers are very satisfied with it.  I would definitely recommend it to others. Firstly because it is really easy to set up, and it allows you to set all kinds of  dental procedures details in one place. And when something doesn't work the way you want it, the support is very very kind and helpful.  

Dr. Randeep Bhullar       Lawrenceville, GA 

I just started to use and I would say I this booking system made my life easier. I was searching around and found many offers regarding Dental practice appointments booking, but this one is definitely the best and you can tweak it the way you want with many very good plugins.

Raman Singh DDS     Tracy, CA

Scheduling software for Dental Clinics is essential for our ability to run our clinic effectively. Our patients love the convenience of online booking and comment on how easy the system is to use. We often recommend this application  to other clinicians.

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